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touring down Lecarrow Canal to Lough Ree

touring down Lecarrow Canal to Lough Ree

If you want to tour the area around Mount Plunkett such as Quaker Island, Rindoon Castle or discover the water wildlife you can do it by bike or boat. Check out Lough Ree Boat and Bike Hire based in Lecarrow  Harbour just up the road from our nature reserve.


Eco.Eye looks at Mount Plunkett Nature Reserve

To introduce the the nature reserve I have put a link here to an RTE interview about the reserve produced for the Eco.Eye TV series.

It starts 9 minutes into the video and lasts 3 and a half minutes.

It is from the RTE eco.eye series 11 Episode 4

‘Special Areas of Conservation’: How farming and how we manage the land has a major impact on Biodiversity