Welcome to my blog on Mount Plunkett Nature Reserve located in the town-land of Mount Plunkett in Lecarrow, County Roscommon.

My name is Rachel Corcoran and I want to introduce you to Mount Plunkett Nature Reserve.

Mount Plunkett Nature Reserve is a farm of land containing 40.5 acres of which 37 acres is an SAC (special area of conservation), with a 600 metres of canal frontage.

In 2005 we started a biodiversity project on the farm, this consisted of establishing new hedgerows, digging out wildlife ponds, erecting bird and bat boxes and removing 10 acres of encroachment scrub on the wetlands to provide a suitable nesting habitat for breeding waders (Snipe, Lapwing and Corncrake).

The Nature reserve provides a perfect habitat to numerous species of animals such as barn owls, kestrel, lapwing, kingfisher, pheasants, ducks, frogs, badgers and many more!

I have decided to start this blog to share my knowledge, experiences, news and wildlife sightings from Mount Plunkett Reserve.

My family own the Nature Reserve and I have played a key role in its development of the over the past nine years, gaining a great knowledge of all the different aspects of nature covered by the reserve.

This blog will keep you in touch with everyday life and amazing wildlife sightings at Mount Plunkett Nature Reserve.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight

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